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먹튀검증 와그스, released at the end of December… “Plan to lead the advanced sports betting culture”

A formal sports betting game that has been legally promoted by adding game elements to the dark sports betting culture that is not generally recognized by illegal and private companies in Korea will be released.

The match prediction game 와그스 is a game that predicts the results of sports games that are played in real time around the world within the platform, and is a game that can predict the match results through betting for each game condition based on the actual match.

This is a legitimate sports match prediction game that has similarities to online sports Toto, but has been officially approved by the Game Management Committee.It was developed so that more users can legally enjoy the match prediction game by raising the sports betting culture previously enjoyed in the dark to the surface. .
Through this, an institutional mechanism was established to guide users who are not protected by the relevant legal framework to experience the correct sports betting culture, and to safeguard users from the tyranny of illegal sports betting sites, which are increasingly becoming increasingly popular in Korea.

In addition, in order to improve the shortcomings of the existing game forecasting game market and provide more differentiated game elements to members, it has been drawing the attention of the related industry even before the opening by providing a vast amount of data on more than 500 sports events and proposing the best event ever. .

An official from Live Play said, “The game for predicting the game is about to be officially opened at the end of December, and we will continue to strive to make the game more convenient and sound for users by taking the lead in establishing a sound and correct game culture.”

Meanwhile, 와그스 is currently conducting beta testing of its live match prediction game 와그스 ahead of its opening at the end of December, focusing on service stabilization as well as technological advancement. Due to the nature of sports events, it is planned to add a variety of sports events and mini-games step by step so that members can enjoy 24-hour content by distributing concurrent users (joint-join) concentrated on the game time.
For more details about sports betting, please visit 먹튀검증 와그스.

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